Principals Welcome
Principals Welcome
Welcome from the Principal of the Royal British School of New Damietta.
First of all, I want to extend a friendly: 'Welcome to the Royal British School of New Damietta!' A school committed to excellence and success. Our school's primary focus is to foster and provide an excellent academic environment for each individual student by educating the whole person and catering to each personality. This remains fundamental to the mission and ethos of our school. The whole Royal British School Faculty and support staff ensure that the children feel safe, happy and valued while being supported academically and experiencing a wealth of opportunities inside and outside the classroom. We recognise the pupils' unique talents, and our experienced staff support each step they take on their educational journey. We have high expectations for our students, and our five core values set a context for excellence for all. Our school's incredible range of opportunities ensures that each pupil finds success and builds much-needed confidence to achieve their dreams and make a difference in the modern world. Relationships are central to everything we do. As part of the Royal British School community, all students learn to navigate the world around them in a caring and safe environment. We work together with parents and support the students' growth, recognising the complexity of the learning process. I encourage you to visit our school campus, where you will be able to discover first-hand the warm, active and stimulating environment that the entire Royal British School community takes pride in.
With love for our work,
Mrs. Bianca Amalia and The Royal British School
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